The Black Speculative Arts Movement: Black Futurity, Art+Design is a 21st century statement on the intersection of the future of African people with art, culture, technology, and politics.

September 3 - 4, 2022

Events and Activities: 

Afro Con 2022 - Ubuntu: Because WE Are

Saturday, September 3rd - 4th, 2022

Details at


Kwanzaa and Afrofuturism - virtual event
12noon (PST) Wednesday, December 23rd on Zoom 


Celebrate the Creator of the Matrix!  

6pm 12/30/21 @ Cafe X, 1835 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA


Unpack the Film "They're Trying to Kill Us"  TBD


Contribute to BSAM SD 619 and Beyond Coffee Table Book. TBD


Help Organize the next San Diego Afro Con 2022 9/3-4/22 at San Diego Jackie Robinson Family YMCA

“There was a restlessness in the creative community at the beginning this decade, a dissatisfaction with a certain aspect with politics going on, and a desire to get the art and political ideas a platform. That lead to us forming, putting together the exhibition and then me subsequently writing the manifesto for the movement.”

— Co-Founder Dr. Reynaldo Anderson

Dr. LaWana Firyali Richmond
Afrofuturist and San Diego Coordinator

Appointed by Dr. Reynaldo Anderson to serve as San Diego Coordinator, I look forward to co-creating and implementing visions for our future with you!

Let's link up like Voltron and make some things happen!

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Dr. LaWana Firyali Richmond

San Diego Coordinator, Black Speculative Arts Movement San Diego

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